Customise ChatGPT to Serve Your Customers

Meet MyChatbot, your custom ChatGPT for business. It not only provides accurate responses based on your unique content, but also interacts with your business systems, performing tasks such as managing customer's orders or bookings - like a human representative!

Utilise the latest AI Technology

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve Operations Efficiency

Watch Video

This Video first shows how MyChatbot responds to customer's general enquiries, and then verify customer's identity, provide the customer with order information, and cancel an order on behalf of the customer.

Who is MyChatbot for?

MyChatbot is designed for any business with a website, irrespective of its industry. it's trained with your unique content and interacts with your business systems, handling customer-specific tasks such as order and booking management, just like a human!


Initiating your journey with MyChatbot is cost-free (No Credit Card required). Presently, there are no monthly subscription fees. Upon sign-up, you'll be equipped with 200 user messages and 10MB of Training Data to kickstart!

After that, we will charge a small fee for your usage:

per 200 User Messages


per 1MB Training Data

Custom Build

If you need further customised chatbots or any other AI related technical services, please contact us.

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About us

At AIgnition, we're passionate about bringing the power of AI to every business, making it approachable, affordable, and incredibly effective. MyChatBot is our latest venture in this direction. It represents our commitment to you: To always bring the future to your business, today.